A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This 2D Sidescrolling Autorunner is about MoleMan, who helps finding Love for poor blind moles!

There are two ways to play MoleMan:

  • Keyboard + Mouse
  • Controller


  • Fly Up: W | Up-Key | Controller Left Stick
  • Fly Down: S | Down-Key | Controller Left Stick
  • Aiming: Mouse | Controller Right Stick
  • Shooting: Left CTRL | Left Mouse | Controller Back R
  • Pause: ESC | Controller Start
  • Screenshot: F6 | Controller Back L


  • Training: To practice aiming, based of Easy Difficulty and without Ducks
  • Classic: Four different Difficulties, the Goal is to make 10 Mole Pairs, Highscores are only saved offline
  • Endless: Based of Extreme Difficulty, no goals except to get the highest score possible, highscores are saved online


  • Online Highscores: Highscore for the Endless Modes are saved online at your Account. Account creation & login can be done ingame
  • Online Leaderbord: Display your own Rank & Score, aswell as the Top 10 Players for the Endless Mode. Requires an Account
  • Screenshot: You can take Screenshots and these are saved in "%Gamefolder%/Screenshots/"
  • Offline Highscores: Highscores for the Classic Mode are saved offline and can be reset from a button
  • Languages: Supported Languages are: English, German & Danish. You can change your language in the Settings Menu
  • Pause
  • Detailed Ingame Overlay & Endgame Screen

-Made by TheLuigiplayer & KiritoGames20

Install instructions

Install Instructions:

For Windows:

  1. Download the "MoleMan_Windows.zip" file
  2. Extract the "MoleMan" folder
  3. Execute the "MoleMan.exe"
  4. Enjoy!


MoleMan_Windows.zip 21 MB
MoleMan_Linux.zip 23 MB
MoleMan_MacOSX.zip 23 MB

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